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"Free Software" Classes

I teach a few classes at Mesa Community College's Network Academy. Note that we have moved to the Southern and Dobson campus.

Upcoming FLOSS classes:

Check for more upcoming GNU/Linux classes in the Maricopa Community College system.

Call Business & Information Systems, 480 461 7771, and ask for Jessica in order to register for Network Academy classes.

The community colleges teach a lot of GNU/Linux classes. They also have C++, Perl and PHP classes. They have others, but finding them can be difficult.

GNU/Linux Networking Administration, CIS240DL, covers common services such as web(apache), mail, DNS, samba and SSH for GNU/Linux. Most of those services are operating system independent, so the class will also mostly apply to other *NIXen such as *BSD and Solaris. It is next scheduled for January 2012.

Here are some Free Software and system administration groups in Phoenix.