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GNU/Linux Shell Scripting

Mesa Community College Network Academy
CIS239 - GNU/Linux Shell Scripting

Class # 58446
Mondays and Wednesdays
18:00 - 21:55
starts Monday, 2010Aug23

BII classes have moved to MCC's Southern and Dobson and classes will be in the BA building.

BA 1E on the Southern and Dobson campus

Learning the bash Shell, 3rd edition
Cameron Newham, Bill Rosenblatt
O'Reilly & Associates
ISBN 13: 9780596009656


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All homework assignments are due before class on the due date.


Write some shell script. You get to decide what the script should do.

The script must be your own work and written during the one week period in which it is due.

There is no requirement on how long the script is or what it does. Have fun. Write something you find interesting.


About the class

Call the Business and Industry Institute, 480 461 6100, and ask for Jessica in order to register for classes at the Business and Industry Institute.

CIS239DL, Linux Shell Scripting, is part of a Linux Networking Administration associates degree from the Business and Industry Institute. As part of a degree program the class does have pre-requisites.

I can override the pre-requisites if you have experience that prepares you for the class. Mostly you need basic GNU/Linux or other *NIX experience and some versatility with using the command line. The class does not presume previous programming experience.

The class will cover using basic command line usage, the shell environment and writing shell scripts.

Command line instruction will cover common utilities such as grep, sed and find as well as using shell features such as history editing, command completion and subshells.

Programming instruction will include creating shell scripts and writing one-liners for simplifying command line tasks.

Shell scripting will include: basic control structures; pipes and redirection; functions; arrays; and using external commands.

CIS239DL is being taught as an 8 week course that meets two nights a week.

Shell scripting resources

  • quick reference card and other resources
  • cheat sheet
  • Advanced Bash Scripting Guide
  • Language: