Free Software Stammtisch

About the Free Software Stammtisch

The Free Software Stammtisch is a social environment for GNU, Linux, *BSD and Free Software enthusiasts. We start arriving at 19:00 and hang out until at least 22:00, with several of us often there until closing time.

The Stammtisch in the east valley now meets in Mesa. There is also a Free Software Stammtisch in Prescott

If you are interested in starting a new Free Software Stammtisch, please contact der.hans, either in #PLUGaz on Freenode ( please specify a sane nickname and #PLUGaz as your channel ) or via You can also follow the Stammtisch at @flossstammtisch.

The Free Software Stammtisch is intentionally not tied to a particular group, but gets regular participation from members of groups such as the Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG), the AZLoCo, ASULUG and League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA).

You might have heard it called the Linux Stammtisch, the GNU/Linux Stammtisch, the FOSS Stammtisch or the FLOSS Stammtisch. That's us, we're name flexible :).


East Valley

Boulders on Southern
1010 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204
Hours: 19:00 - 22:00+
Dates: the third Tuesday every month

The East Valley Free Software Stammtisch has been meeting on the third Tuesday of every month for over 15 years.

We have wireless access, good conversations, good food and good drinks.


LUGY in Prescott has a Free Software Stammtisch on the second Tuesday of the month.

Former Locations

The Free Software Stammtisch originally met at Bandersnatch in Tempe for many years. Unfortunately, Bandersnatch was closed and bulldozed :(. The Stammtisch wandered around a bit. It still meets in the east valley, but now in Mesa.


There used to be a Stammtisch in Avondale. The person leading it got a job out of state and was unable to continue leading it.