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July's virtual meeting

PLUG - Mon, 2020/07/06 - 15:42

Austin Godber: Python and Kubernetes

Austin will briefly introduce containerization and Kubernetes. Show an example of a containerized Python application and then show how to interact with Kubernetes through it's API using Python.

You can attend on July 9th at 7pm by visiting:

Topics for June's virtual meeting

PLUG - Wed, 2020/06/03 - 21:53

Donald McCarthy: Introduction to pfSense

In this presentation I will demonstrate the installation of pfSense from a USB stick including some basic configuration. There will also be some video and live demonstration of many of the features of pfSense. pfSense is more than just a firewall, it is a capable networking Swiss army knife which is generally only limited by the hardware and imagination of the user.

Andrew Harris: Why Your MTA Should Be Your CMS

There are many options for CMS solutions out there, but it's a tall order to select one and maintain it so that it's stable, performant, and secure. Website operators, sysadmins, and content creators are constantly having to deal with the same old problems of authentication, spam prevention, and general CRUD functionality. In this talk, I go through my journey in creating my own email-based CMS, and posit that many of the features we work so hard to build into our CMS solutions are already present in the MTA.

About Andrew:
Andrew is an SRE with a background in sysadmin and a love for the esoteric. He enjoys finding cheap, novel solutions to problems, and takes pride in his bash scripting skills. Once a resident of Phoenix and organizer of West-side PLUG Stammtische, Andrew now resides in Austin, TX with his partner and their small horse-like dog.

Attend the meeting by visiting on June 11th at 7pm MST

Topics for May's virtual meeting

PLUG - Thu, 2020/05/14 - 15:39

We have 2 presenters for this month's VIRTUAL MEETING.
Attend my going at 7pm Thursday the 14th to:

Matt McGrae: Getting Started with Nextcloud

A brief history of Nextcloud and why you might want to use it for yourself.

der.hans: Big Blue Button Video Conferencing

Big Blue Button (BBB) is a Free Software video conferencing tool with good moderation tools.
Originally created for use with classrooms, it also has instructional options and ties into Moodle.

BBB doesn't require extra software to use with desktops, lapstops, phones or tablets as it uses the WebRTC browser standard.

BBB Presentation features include:

* video conferencing
* shared chat
* shared editing
* showing documents and video
* breakout rooms

The Greenlight project is an addon for instance administration.

It includes some necessary moderation tools including:

* password protected call
* waiting room
* presenter role
* participant sharing restrictions ( lock out microphone, video, chat, etc. )
* kickout disruptors

The presentation will cover using Big Blue Button from an attendee's perspective, including a feature list and a tour of the user interface.

AZLoCo has been using Big Blue Button on a home server for at least a decade.
Recently BBB switched to WebRTC and the LoCo has been quite happy with that upgrade.

In the Free Software community there are some community run BBB instances available for testing.
You can also install BBB on your own system and run your own instance.
Alternatively, there are a few commercial hosting options available.

The PLUG general meeting will use a hosted Big Blue Button instance.
The Free Software Stammtisch will also use the hosted BBB instance for this month's meeting on Tuesday the 19th.

der.hans is a technology and entrepreneurial veteran.

He is chairman of the Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG), Promotions and Outreach chair for SeaGL, BoF organizer for the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) and founder of the Free Software Stammtisch. He presents regularly at large community-led conferences (SCaLE, SeaGL, LFNW, Tübix, OLF, TXLF) and many local groups.

Currently a Customer Data Engineer at Object Rocket. Public statements are not representative of $dayjob.

Mastodon -

Plume -

Open Org Meeting Tonight (4/7)

PLUG - Tue, 2020/04/07 - 17:44
PLUG has been a great community resource for more than 25 years. We want
that to continue being the case throughout the shutdown. #FlattenTheCurve

PLUG is a volunteer run group. Everything we do is because volunteers have
stepped forward to do the work for the activity.

Tonight, at 19:00, we're having an open organization meeting to all who want to
productively help PLUG continue to be an excellent community resource.

Attending is not a promise to volunteer. It's promise to be interested in
helping PLUG be a resource for the community and hopefully consideration
of volunteering.

Good news is that we already likely have some extra participation coming
in. We can also be open to more people as it will be easier to
participate. Hopefully we'll even get some out of state PLUGgers to
partcipate more :).

We have already planned a general meeting with the theme of tech careers
for Thursday. There is also job networking and Free Software Stammtisch
two weeks from tonight.

Beyond those events, we need some volunteer assistance to keep things running.

We also want feedback

We have an agenda in etherpad.

The meeting will be using a hosted jitsi ( Free Software video
conferencing ) account.

We have some backup options should there be an option. Keep an eye on the
list and the IRC channel.

You can chat during the meeting via etherpad or our IRC channel.

0x6A: Live Show from SeaGL 2019

FAIF - Tue, 2020/03/31 - 08:49

The first live podcast of Free as in Freedom, hosted at SeaGL 2019 in November 2019. Hear questions from the studio audience and answers from Bradley and Karen.

Show Notes: Segment 0 (00:38)

Producer Dan speaks on mic to introduce that this is a live show.

Segment 1 (01:17)
  • This is a live show from SeaGL 2019, a community-organized FaiP (02:15)
  • Carol Smith from Microsoft asked about being a charity in the USA under recent tax changes regarding tax deduction and, and asked about Conservancy's annual fundraiser which had completed by the time this show was released. (04:53)
  • Deb took a photo during the show (07:30)
  • A questioner asked about the so-called “ethical but-non-FOSS licenses”. Bradley gave an answer that is supplemented well by this blog post (10:15) and Karen mentioned at CopyleftConf 2020 there was a discussion about this. (15:15) The follow up question was also related to these topics (15:44).
  • Eric Hopper asked about how Conservancy decides when a project joins, and what factors Conservancy considers in projects joining (18:14)
  • A written questioner asked how to handle schools requiring proprietary software as part of their coursework. (22:00)
  • Michael Dexter asked about Karen's teaching at Columbia Law School. (27:25)
  • A written questioner asked about copyleft-next's sunset clause. (29:22) Karen mentioned “Copyleft, All wrongs reversed” as it appeared on n June 1976 on Tiny BASIC, which inspired the term copyleft to mean what it does today. (30:45)
  • Karen spoke about the issues of copyright and trademark regarding Disney, that is supplemented by this blog post. (32:52)
  • Carol Smith asked what Karen and Bradley thought were Conservancy's and/or FOSS' biggest achievements in the last decade. (35:20) Karen mentioned Outreachy was a major success. (37:08)
  • A questioner asked about using the CASE Act to help in GPL enforcement. Bradley discussed how it might ultimately introduce problems similar to arbitration clauses. (41:42) Since the podcast was recorded, the CASE Act has also passed the Senate, but does not seem to have been signed by the President. (47:30)
  • Bradley noted that Mako Hill has pointed out that FOSS has not been involved in lobbying enough. (48:10)
  • A questioner in the audience asked about the Mozilla Corporation structure would allow Mozilla to do lobbying for FOSS. (50:57) Karen explained the Mozilla corporate legal structure (51:35).
  • A questioner in the audience asked about Mako Hill's keynote and how individuals can help further the cause of software freedom. (54:53)
  • Michael Dexter asked if software patents are still as much of a threat as they once were. (1:01:30)
  • Carol asked about the supreme court hearing the Oracle v. Google case (1:09:04)

Send feedback and comments on the cast to <>. You can keep in touch with Free as in Freedom on our IRC channel, #faif on, and by following Conservancy on on Twitter and and FaiF on Twitter.

Free as in Freedom is produced by Dan Lynch of Theme music written and performed by Mike Tarantino with Charlie Paxson on drums.

The content of this audcast, and the accompanying show notes and music are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike 4.0 license (CC BY-SA 4.0).

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