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Fantastic talk!

Went to see Rafe Esquith's talk at ChangingHands tonight.

In the end the place was jam packed. Employees kept pulling out chairs for those standing around. Before the talk they'd filled in all the empties. It was great to see so many people turn out for his presentation.

We weren't disappointed. Rafe's a great speaker. He's got lots of interesting stories from 24 years of teaching. He also brought along an ace. Well, several of them.

Rafe brought several of his students from the lady two years. They played music before the talk started. After Rafe talked for a while he turned the stage over to the students for performance time. They really seemed to enjoy what they were doing. That coupled with doing a good job of the performances made for great entertainment. If one looked closely, one could see it was also an opportunity to learn...

Read Rafe's books, "There Are No Shortcuts" and "Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire".

See my earlier post for more info on Rafe.