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ogg vorbis and the in dash NS-C5111 car stereo

At the end of 2006 I went into Best Buy with a few storage devices with ogg vorbis and flac tracks on them. I tried several units in the car audio system and found only one that played the ogg vorbis tracks on every medium it could use. It turned out to be the house brand, Insignia NS-C5111, which plays ogg vorbis off CD, USB thumb drive and SD card. Outstanding. I bought it and had Best Buy install it.

The NS-C5111 performed wonderfully until someone stole it. Sometime later I headed back to Best Buy with a CD of ogg vorbis and flac to get another one. They no longer carry the NS-C5111 :(, and nothing they had one the floor would play the ogg vorbis songs, double :(.

I was able to find out that another store in town still had one NS-C5111 in stock, but Best Buy's customer service decided to not answer the phone at that store and to hang up on me several times at the store I had visited. Best Buy Customer Service --

Still sans a car stereo :(.

I had gone into Best Buy to buy an Insignia Pilot portable ogg vorbis player that has blue tooth.