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One year of LOPSA

Today, 14Nov2006, LOPSA is having its one year anniversary!

Congrats to LOPSA for all of its accomplishments in just one year.

Thanks to all the volunteers ( and let's not forget that the LOPSA board members are also all vounteers ) who've worked so hard to make LOPSA a success! Thanks also to the sponsors who've supported LOPSA and all its many activities.

LOPSA formed and immediately built active mailing lists with lots of good sysadm content. A couple of weeks later LOPSA had a strong presence at LISA. Many LOPSA members actively work to make LISA happen, so that was no big surprise :).

LOPSA has also had a strong presense at other events like SCALE 5X and Ohio LinuxFest.

LOPSA also worked with other organizations such as co-sponsoring Splunk's Camp Sysadmin.

LOPSA surprised us with a revamped System Administrator Appreciation Day and a Sysadmin of the
contest ( winners announced soon ).

A couple of local chapters, Arizona and Madison, have been started, with several other groups working towards becoming local chapters.

LOPSA also surprised us by putting on an excellent regional training seminar, Sysadmin Days - Phoenix. The event was a good balance of local talent with imported experts. LOPSA was pleased with the enthusiasm from the attendees, including many of them staying for more than 12 hours for the full
schedule the first day.

It's amazing that LOPSA put on a multi-day seminar in the first year. It's even more amazing that it was an excellent seminar with topical and useful training.

Please join today. Then you can help the other 600 members to build a professional organization for System Administrators.

Look for LOPSA Live town hall meetings or hop in the #LOPSA irc channel to ask questions.

Thanks to Tom Limoncelli for reminding us that it's our Birthday!