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SeaGL accepted my etckeeper talk

SeaGL accepted one of my talks again this year! This year I'll speak about Joey Hess' excellent etckeeper.

etckeeper makes it easy to keep system configuration files in revision control. In addition to normal revision control, etckeeper includes important features to track file ownership and permissions, work with package managers and track empty directories. etckeeper supports git, mercurial, bazaar and darcs revision control systems.

You can also read my etckeeper article on

SeaGL is a great Fall grassroots Free Software conference in Seattle.

This will be my 3rd year speaking at SeaGL. I truly enjoyed the first two years. SeaGL has great talks on standard Free Software topics like development, system administration and licensing. It also has talks on how Free Software and other technologies are used for things like teaching software development in prison or setting up migrant networking for off-grid encampments. Last year I also wrote a conference review for

I'm definitely looking forward to checking the schedule for this year's event at the beginning of Novembers.