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PLUG end of year party recap

PLUG's end of year party was last night. We had a good turnout. Congratulations to our new parents who weren't in attendance. Take care of the family, we'll be here :).

We had some good food as well. That included another delicious reminder that Spanish tortilla is different than Mexican tortilla. We also had a great orange cake. Baked good go over well for some reason. Other items included: ham ( very moist out of a crockpot ), chicken, casserole, cucumber salad, chips and salsa ( we are in Phoenix ), hummus, cupcakes, cookies and donuts.

We didn't have our traditional cheesecake as my grandma died earlier this year. I did get multiple comments that the cheesecake will be missed. She would be happy to know her cheesecake is still loved. Thanks to all her fans!

There were lots of conversations, which is the point of the end of year event. We had kids playing with each other ( and likely eating too many donuts ).

I personally enjoyed catching up with some friends who haven't been out in a few months. End of semester makes it easier on students and instructors. I also got some job leads and follow up.

We have an Installfest this Saturday at UAT from 10:00 to 16:00.

Our last meeting of the year is Stammtisch this Tuesday night.

Boulders on Southern
1010 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204
Hours: 19:00 - 22:00+

There is no security meeting this month. The security meetings will start again on the third Thurday of January.

Have a great end of year and slip into the new year!