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Hugin and Krita for February East Valley Meeting

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We have two topics for February’s PLUG meeting. Brian will cover "An introduction to the Hugin Panorama Stitcher" and Phil will cover "Krita basics, drawing assistants and G’Mic".

The meeting is Thursday, February 14th at 19:00 at the Desert Breeze substation. RSVP via GetTogether.

An introduction to the Hugin Panorama Stitcher
Hugin is a powerful program to combining multiple overlapping images into panoramas. It is easy to use, but needs quality input images to work correctly. This presentation will give an intro to using Hugin as well as advice on how to take high quality input images with minimal paralax distortion so that your panoramas will always turn out perfect.
This presentation will also cover masking out unwanted items in your panorama, using hugin to create HDR images, rerendering individual images into architectural projections.
Krita basics, drawing assistants and G’Mic
Krita is an amazing drawing/painting program. This talk will cover the basics of Krita, including layers, selections and more. It will also dive into some of the amazing drawing assistants that come with Krita, and really help out folks, like myself, that are artistically impaired.
Additionally, Krita comes with a set of powerful filters and tools known as G’mic (Greyc’s Magic for Image Computing) that is also available in many other programs (GIMP, Inkscape) and we will cover several of them during this talk.

Stammtisch will be following Tuesday on the 19th.

The Thursday after the east valley meeting Aaron will cover "Introduction To Assembly Language - Reverse Engineering Software" for PLUG’s monthly security meeting on the 21st.