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Tempe Stammtisch

Seit mehr wie 20 Jahre gibt's jeden Freitag den Tempe Stammtisch.

Stammtisch pages updated

Finally got around to some page updates. Some general updates on the Stammtische page and added information for the new East Valley Free Software Stammtisch.

The East Valley Free Software Stammtisch moved to Iguana Macks a couple of months ago. After having met in Tempe for over a decade, we moved a few miles east to Mesa. It's a good location and we've mostly had a good turnout. Sorry about December Brian :).

Feuerzangenbowle 2007

Due to plumbing issues we will not be showing the film this year. Ja, ja, ich weiß, "Wir haben aber keine Bauarbeit." Well, believe me, we have some Umbauarbeit.

All is not lost. AC4GC has invited me to make Feuerzangenbowle at their Christmas party. The party includes kids, so if you bring some please also bring gifts for the Weihnachtsmann's bag. He'll be there around 18:30.

The first Bowle will be lit up right around party kickoff at 17:30. Depending on demand, more might be made.

germanic culture in US-AZ

German is the third most common native language in Arizona. Unsurprisingly there are also a great number of germanic events and organizations in the state.

Some are long established events such as the Tempe-Stammtisch that has been meeting every Friday for over 35 years. Some are new traditions such as AC4GC's annual authentic from the germanic community Phoenix Oktoberfest.

Tempe Stammtisch

Der Tempe Stammtisch trifft sich seit dem 70er. Er hat sich mehrere Jahrzehnte bei Bandersnatch in Tempe getroffen. Leider wurde Bandersnatch vor einige Jahren geschlossen.

Der Tempe Stammtisch trifft sich jetzt jeden Freitag um 20.00 Uhr bei Boulders on Broadway auf der Ecke von Broadway und Roosevelt in Tempe.

( The Tempe Stammtisch has been meeting every week for an evening of germanic culture and language since the 70s. It meets every Friday at 20:00 at Boulders on Broadway. )

Boulders on Broadway



A Stammtisch is the table at which regular customers meet. In Germany, it's common for groups of friends or people with common interest to get together on a regular basis. English terms that might encompass similar activities would be special interest group and bridge club. Stammtisch often gets directly translated as "regulars' table".

In Germany there are many, many Stammtische. Some are groups of friends that have been meeting since they were kids and some are people with a common interest such as a Motorrad Stammtisch ( motorcyle enthusiasts meeting ).


Stammtisch happens

My roomie and I walked in to Old Chicago for Stammtisch tonight. As usual I was greeted with a round of 'Hey Hans' but it wad different as it was in English.

There sat Sean, Dathi, Jason and Alara :). Most cool.

Marc continued on to the Germans while I stopped to hang out.

Sean was up for fighter practice this week, so now I'm even more annoyed that I missed it.

It was fun hanging out and popping back and forth between the tho groups.

Sean can't stay for the Irish Festival tomorrow :(.

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